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尽管如此,这两篇最近的文章依旧值得一读,可以瞭解萨尔瓦多最近的市长选举和他们对于选举的看法,才发现这个世界真是惊人地相似!(不免想起之前发的另外一个愿 [1]…):

Meanwhile Salvador Canjura points to the movement of thousands of people changing their residence [2] prior to the elections, to tip the balance of power from one party to the other. Canjura also wishes that the political campaigns, which seem to have lasted for more than a year, would simply be over.


I think we should all look at ourselves first and for me I think the major problem is that Saddam’s mentality is still running this country through people like Sadr, Al-Hakeem, Adnan Al-Dulaimi and Barzani. It’s those people who keep inflaming those already existing divisions for their own benifit, as they represnt nothing but ethnic and sectarian hatred and they feed this fear and hatred among their people so that they vote for them. We Iraqis need to see that and then Americans need to see that too. The solution is certainly not even visible now but I think it helps a lot to identify the problem first.


I love my country. Shit, I never knew I cared so much.

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