Taiwan Voice: 提供国际社会最新的服贸抗议讯息

受到乌克兰#Euromaidan网上翻译行动的启发,台湾的运动人士于3月20日创立脸书页面:Taiwan Voice。页面头一天,已经获得超过一千个赞。在这个平台上,运动人士与志愿译者转贴实时新闻的原文,并张贴英文译文,以提供给国际社会最新的服贸抗议信息。以下是Taiwan Voice的成立宗旨:

Taiwan Voice was set up to give the students and other protesters currently occupying Taiwan's legislature a voice that could reach outside of the island nation. Not only do we hope to make the current issue clear to those living in other countries, but we also want to raise awareness internationally about the current situation in Taiwan as it faces a mounting struggle to maintain its autonomy, hard-fought democracy, and its high level of human rights in the face of growing influence from China. These concepts — democracy, human rights, independence, freedom — are concepts that are worth preserving, and Taiwan's struggle to preserve them is worthy of international attention.

We welcome anyone not familiar with Taiwan to post a question or to message us through this site. We would be happy to have people on the ground explain what is going on, or even just to let you know what Taiwan, our culture and our people are all about.

为了让岛屿之外的人也能听见学生与抗议群众的声音,我们设立了台湾之声(Taiwan Voice)。我们不只是希望能够让其他国家的民众了解目前台湾发生的事,也想唤起国际间对于台湾目前处境的认识。中国对台湾的影响增强之际,台湾想要维护自身主权、守护得来不易的民主以及高水平的人权,正遇到愈来愈多的困境。民主、人权、独立、自由--这些概念值得我们去坚持。台湾对这些观念的坚持,也值得国际间的关注。


脸书上,由许多台湾留学生组织而成的「CSSTAtranslategroup 服贸议题翻译协作组织」,也正与Taiwan Voice讨论如何进一步合作,以求发挥最大的信息传播效果。

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